50 years of experience

Our processes are known for high safety and end product quality, as well as low energy costs and no dust and odor emissions.

Our processes are known for high safety and quality.


DryingMate manufactures production and process equipment for the wood products industry, our products
are used for drying, impregnation and dyeing. DryingMate provide customized solutions in close
collaboration with our customers.


DryingMate has developed a new low-temperature concept that preserves the aroma and nutrient content
of the raw materials at the level of freeze-drying.
DryingMate manufactures hygienic production and process equipment for drying and processing food,
such as modified plate proteins.


DryingMate has developed a fluid bed laboratory dryer for educational use as well as mini-scale laboratory
experiments. The dryer can dry with hot air or superheated steam possibility for built-in coating function.


We offer a wide range of service of our own equipment as well as vacuum dryers, impregnation systems,
Royal systems, and belt dryers, among others. renovation, maintenance, conversions, new controls, spare
parts and more regardless of the make of the system.

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